What We Translate

Commercial Translation Financial Translation Game Translation Hi – Tech & Software Translation Legal Translation
Chinese translation for Commercial Chinese translation for Finance Chinese translation for Games Chinese translation for Hi-Tech & Software Legal
Our translation services can really help bridge the gap between businesses and their global target markets. Banking and insurance firms often require translation services to help reduce miscommunication over the language barriers. Your game is now just a few clicks away from becoming part of the global marketplace. Adapt your high-tech products and software to local markets with our localisation and testing solutions. In the Legal sector clear and concise communication with customers is of paramount importance, especially when dealing with their sensitive or personal information.
Marketing & Media Translation Medical Transcription Patent Translation Personal Translation Pharmaceutical & Biotech Translation
Chinese translation for Marketing & Media Chinese translations for medical records people-219985_640 Chinese translation for Personal Documents Chinese translation for Medical & Biotechnology
We can take care of all your media translation needs with our range of advertising, branding and PR based services. Medical translations are always highly specialised and that’s why we ensure our translators are suitably qualified. Translation of applications, prior art, foreign references, and related IP documents. Patent translators are chosen for their fluency, educational background, and expertise in the technical field related to the matter. Personal translation includes translation of personal documents such as immigration documents, certificates, degrees, legal documents relating to individuals, etc. Labelling, registration, production process , information for doctors & patients, quality control, analysis, certificates, validation, periodic reports, etc.
Retail Translation Technical Translation Tourism & Travel Translation Website Translation Others….
Chinese translation for Retail Chinese translation for Manufacturing & Engineering Chinese translation for Tourism website-translation Chinese Document Translation
We can translate your product information to help you reach global audiences in the retail and FMCG sectors. Our technical translators are experts are in particular industries making them perfect for manufacturing based work. We can make it easier for tourists to digest content and plan trips online through your multilingual websites. Website is the face of the company. We ensure that the translations are accurate & match local cultural requirements, as well as linguistic and business characteristics of the target audience. Any Document Translation viz., Computer translation, Economic translation, General translation, Literary translation, Novel Translation, etc.