Medical Interpreter

CIG offers professional interpreters equipped with medical knowledge and hospital interpreting experience.

Within today’s multi-cultural society, the crucial role of a medical interpreter is invaluable to the health system. Our specially trained and experienced healthcare interpreters enable the accurate interpretation of medical information between patients and a medical professional faced with a language barrier.

CIG’s medical transcription services are renowned for their precision, reduced turnaround times, great client service and ability to produce a quality medical transcript within the specified budget.

Our team of medical transcription specialists is well-versed in various therapeutic categories such as oncology, immune diseases, and the cardiovascular system. In addition, our extensive presence allows us to handle transcription projects between Chinese and any other language .

Whether you’re looking for the transcription of physician interviews, medical advisory boards or highly specialized focus groups, Chinese Interpretation Group (CIG) is able to offer a turnkey medical transcription solution to meet your exact requirements.

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